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Pura Suerte Beach House


Grocery Stores

There are a few options for grocery stores in our area. There is a well-stocked convenience store right in the lower level of the club house that has all your basic necessities and a good alcohol section with wine, beer and spirits.

You can drive/taxi/bus into Cobano, where you will find the larger, more typical North American style grocery stores. One is called the Mega Super and is on the right hand side of the main street as you drive into Cobano. The other, Maxi Pali is also close by. Turn left at the main intersection in downtown Cobano and it will be about a block or two up on the right hand side.

There are various ‘supers’ which are small, convenience type stores scattered all over the area as well. There is a small supermarket in Tambor, which is about a half hour walk up the beach.

There is also a larger Maxi Pali in Paquera which is also nearby.


For a long time, the Banco Nacional in Cobano was the only bank to serve the entire southern Nicoya Peninsula. Now there are two more banks in Santa Teresa/Malpais and an automatic cashier in Montezuma. Keep in mind that for all bank affairs in Costa Rica you will need your passport. Traveler’s cheques are rarely used in Costa Rica and most hotels will decline them. Open hours of Banco Nacional in Cobano are from Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 3:45 pm. Outside the bank building an ATM cashier is open from 6 am to 10 pm which accepts all major credit cards.

There is also a bank machine located conveniently right by the clubhouse outside the gates of our Los Delfines community.

Post Office

The only post office of the southern Peninsula de Nicoya is open from Monday to Friday 8 am – 12 md and 1 pm – 5 pm. Btw: the postal code (zip-code) of Cobano and surroundings is 60111.

Gas Station

There are a few gas stations in the area. The main stations are located along the road into Cobano.

Propane Refill Location

There is a small convenience store located by #25 and it carries filed propane tanks in the back of the store. Yes…inside the back of the store. If the tank requires filling while you are there, hang onto your receipt and we will reimburse you for the purchase! Please make sure the valve you pick up is the same as the tank you are returning as there are two types of valves in Costa Rica!



Cobano, Costa Rica

Cobano is the local hub of the whole southern Nicoya Peninsula. Roads to all beaches (Santa Teresa, Mal Pais and Montezuma) pass through the small town, and when going from one beach village to the other you mostly have to backtrack via Cobano.

Thirty years ago Cobano was little more than a scattering of houses and cattle farms in a remote Costa Rican area. At that time the coastal villages received their supplies by boat from Puntarenas because roads didn’t exist or were impassable with a car. When roads improved and transportation shifted from sea to land Cobano found itself at the crossroads between the beach spots and quickly developed into a little town.
As the administrative and commercial center of the Southern Peninsula de Nicoya, Cobano hosts the only post office in the area, the municipality, ICE office, police station and schools.

While tourists and expats populate the beach areas, Cobano has retained its pure Tico feel. Only during the day the town fills up with people taking care of their business. After sundown Cobano returns to its sleepy roots. Buying supplies in Cobano can spare some money, as supermarkets and stores are cheaper than in the beach villages. There are also two gas stations a kilometer out of town. Unlike other towns in Costa Rica Cobano doesn’t offer a park or other recreational area in the center of town. For eating you find some small sodas where you get simple traditional meals, and for staying overnight there are some few no frills cabinas and rooms available.

Driving distances from Cobano to

Santa Teresa
Playa Carmen

14 km

Mal Pais village

16 km


17 km


6.6 km

Cabo Blanco

15 km


12 km

Paquera Ferry *

39 km


77 km


127 km


210 km

San Jose (* via Ferry)

148 km